December 21

Weather Delays Create Turmoil For Holiday Travelers Just Days Before Christmas…How Do I Manage My Time?

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Agh humbug! Another year of winter turmoil laying it’s claim on the thousands of Americans scrambling to get home for Christmas.

As of this morning, Friday, December 21st, hundreds of flights have been cancelled and thousands more delayed. The spotlight focuses in on the East Coast from Florida to Maine with roughly 60 million people under flash flood warnings according to The Weather Channel, forecasting team. Wind advisories are also contributing to flight delays as some parts of the east coast are reaching winds of up to 60 mph, including major cities such as New York according to NBC News.  (

This poses another issue for those driving today and over the past couple days with what seems like no letting up for winter storms.’s Jon Erdman quips,

“This is a bit of an odd bird of a storm just a few days before Christmas. Instead of heavy snow, it’s heavy rain and wind that are causing all the headaches.”


With delays running rampant and a midweek Christmas, how does one best utilize their layover time to get the most out of what seems like a very Grinchy turn of events? Let’s take a minute to to talk about time management and what a few hours left waiting at the terminal can mean for your business.

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During this time of the year, all we as business owners think about is productivity. “How many items in my to-do list for my business can I cram into the hours between time spent with my loved ones?” It’s daunting. All of the tasks are beginning to mount, you are handing out bonuses while having overhead costs linger in the background like Krampus. It’s the nightmare before Christmas.

As many business owners believe productivity will save them from becoming overwhelmed during this busy time of the year, it’s a lie. Productivity is circumscribed around the ideology that one must complete as many tasks as possible in as little time as possible to their best ability. And while getting work done may seem great for you as a business owner or entrepreneur, you may return from the holiday season further removed from your responsibilities for how “productive” you may have been.

Let’s take the focus away from being productive and let the real star on top of the Christmas tree shine–time management. It sounds vague and redundant and like every other carol you’ve heard before, however, when time management is properly established to schedule your tasks in terms of importance so you can really get work done? Now that’s productivity!

If you want to learn more about how you can turn the airport into your North Pole so you can better manage your time like Santa, take a look at what Timebank Growth Profit System can mean for your small business.

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