Earn Up To $600 Per Sale With Our Proven, High-Converting Webinar And Unique Offer

Hi! I'm Antonio Thornton.

I've been building businesses online since 1994 and have personally paid out millions to partners (like you) who have promoted my products in the past.

When you fill out the form below, you will get instant access to my private Partner Program for Timebank GPS, which is my newest product that teaches entrepreneurs how to 3X, 5X, or 10X their revenue using a simple 15-minute "time hack".

You will get your own unique partner link you can use to send traffic to my fully automated on-demand training that's optimized to convert on cold traffic.

You will get paid as much as $600 for every person you refer - AND - you'll also have the opportunity to participate in monthly contests where you can win up to $25,000 in cash. I look forward to working with you!

The Product

The Timebank Growth And Profit System (GPS) is a revolutionary approach to making more money in less time. We’ve all heard the phrases “work smarter, not harder…” or “make more working less” - Timebank GPS shows customers how to actually do it using science, psychology and a unique methodology.

The Creator 

Antonio Thornton “The Profit Engineer”

An "under the radar" marketing veteran who's done past promotions with:
- Les Brown
- Ron Douglas
- Robert Kyosaki
- Shawn Casey ($4.2MM)
- Bob Doyle (From The Secret)
- Bob Proctor (From The Secret)
and many, many more...

Praise For Timebank Webinar

NYT Best Selling Author Ron Douglas

Ron Says:

  • Webinar converts
  • Content is amazing
  • Get paid handsomely
  • Nothing like it on the market


Top 3 Reasons to Promote This Offer

  • Industry disruptor -  Not another “me too” product. There are similar products on the market, so proof-of-concept is there, but a Timebank GPS takes a VERY unique and different approach. Sure to get your subscribers excited!
  • We pay you 100% of commissions earned immediately after promotion (over 10 sales)
  • Timebank GPS works! Dozens of testimonials outline its effectiveness in the small business space.

Your Compensation

  • Timebank GPS is $997 or 2 payments of $547
  • Affiliates earn 50% commissions ($498.50 or $547)
  • VIP Affiliates earn 60% ($598.20 or $656.40)
    (Over 10 sales qualifies ALL SALES as VIP) 
  • VIP Payments are made as soon as promotion is over (30 days all others)

Webinar Details:

Conversion rate: 13% Warm traffic* | 4.1% Cold traffic

Price Point: $997

Payment Plan Option: 2x $547

Refunds: Because of the nature of our product, we typically only attract serious business owners. As such We have a less than 0.5% refund rate.

ADDITIONALLY, Antonio sends a PERSONALIZED (with customer’s first name) video to all new customers (and getting GREAT feedback). 

*13% conversion webinar to an external, but familiar list


Affiliate Terms: 50% Commission on Timebank GPS

VIP Affiliate Terms: 60% on all sales if more than 10 sales made

Initial Payment: 100% of commissions paid to you immediately at end of promotion if more than 10 sales made. If less, 20% reserve for 30 days.

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