Awesome! Your Call Is Scheduled!

Step 2: Put Your Call On Your Calendar

Please take a brief moment to add your call to your calendar. We know sometimes life happens and we forget…so be sure to set a reminder for yourself.

Step 3: Show Up

You've taken the time to schedule this call so the obvious next step is to make sure you show up. We've allocated 15 minutes of our time to be able to speak with you. Both your and our time is we ask that you show up -- on time.

Also, please ensure:

- You will be at a place where that's distraction-free.
- You'll be in front of a computer
- You'll take down notes

On the call, we will ask a few questions to see if and how we can help. THIS IS NOT SALES CALL -- No pressure in, no obligation

We’re here to help.

Talk soon! 

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