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We recommend grabbing your phone right now (if you aren't already on it) and create an alarm reminder for Thursday, May 9th at 4:45 PM PDT | 7:45 PM EDT so you make sure you don't miss even a second of the event starting at

5:00 PM PDT | 8:00 PM EDT!

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Be sure to add our email to your primary tab to ensure you get all the updates between now and the live event.  We'll be sending you a few surprises that you won't want to miss! 

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Be sure you attend from a desktop or laptop computer (not your mobile phone)

Because of the interactive training we're going to provide, we strongly recommend you attend from your desktop (or laptop) instead of a mobile phone. 

If you've bought 1, 3, 9, 15 different courses or have joined 23 programs and have YET to make's really not your fault.  You've been missing the "key" to make them all work.

Think about it, if you had a 10 million dollar private jet, but didn't have the key to turn it on... it would be usesless to you. 

In this training, we're going to give you the key to "turn on" all these programs you've bought and finally start making the money you deserve.

Your Hosts:

Devon Brown

Devon Brown is the #1 Marketing Emcee in the world and has shared the stage with such greats as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziozi, Russsell Brunson, Jason Capital and a host of other A-listers.

He’s been in the Internet Marketing and home-based industries for 19 years and in addition to launching several 6 & 7-figure businesses of his own, he has become one of the top affiliate marketers on the planet.

Devon enjoys long walks on the beach, unicorns and lots of cheese.

Antonio Thornton

Antonio Thornton is a 25-year veteran in the direct response marketing industry. His strategies have earned him national accolades and the respect of marketing industry professionals around the world. Affectionately referred to as The “Profit Engineer”, he’s worked worked on projects with Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Microsoft, Georgia Pacific, Massage Envy and has helped thousands of small business owners dramatically increase their sales and profits. 

Antonio likes walking barefoot in the grass, monster truck rallies, and meat lovers pizzas.

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