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"Productivity" Is Killing Your Business

Productivity Sucks.....

Have you fallen for the
productivity paradox? Odds are, if you're an entrepreneur like most of us, you have been told that the key to success in business is productivity, hustling, or some other farce.

Here's the reality: Doing the wrong things (or doing the wrong things very well) will still yield the wrong results. It doesn't matter how "productive" you are.

This is what keeps most entrepreneurs broke. They spend all day doing things they think are productive, but never any time doing things that actually make them money.

FACT: You can't take productivity to the bank.

Welcome to The


If you’ve been in business for more than a week, you've probably heard every age-old adage about how to achieve success:

you gotta hustle...
you gotta grind...
you gotta sleep less....bla, bla, bla

And, if it's not hustling, you’re being pushed some BS about time management

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have some news for you....

There's No Such Thing As Time Management

- Albert Einstein


You read that correctly... There is NO SUCH THING as time management.

Let me explain…

Whether you use a 12-hour or 24-hour clock, we can agree that there’s only 24 hours in a day, right?

And since there’s only 24 hours in a day, we can also agree that no one has any more...or any less than 24 hours in a day, right?

Everyone has the same 24 hours.

So, since everyone has the same 24-hours in a day, then there's really no such thing as time management - only SELF management… according to time.

And what you're about to discover is how to manage yourself... according to INCOME.

I'll explain...

Take a look at the 3 people below...

If all 3 of them have the exact same amount of time in the day, how is it that one person can make as much as 100x another??

What's the difference?

Well, if you said they're working 100x harder… you'd be absolutely.........................................wrong.

If you said one was more productive than another, you'd be "close"... but not quite. I'm going to tell you exactly what they're doing in just a moment...

But first, let me ask you...

  • If we agree that there are only 24 hours in a day...
  • If we agree that no one has more or less than 24 hours in a day...
  • If we agree that there's no such thing as time management...

Then would you also agree that there has to be a difference between someone who makes $60,000 a year...versus someone making $600,000 a year...versus someone making $6 million a year??

"Entrepreneurs Are The Only People Who Will Work 80 Hours A Week To Avoid Working 40 Hours A Week"


Now don't get me wrong.... I get what they were trying to say, but for most entrepreneurs, working 80-100 hours a week (or more) is the norm.

And quite honestly, I'm not working 80 hours a week for anyone - not even myself.


Not because I'm lazy...

Not because I don't love what I do...

Not because I don't appreciate hard work...

But because I have a LIFE... and I'm not going to spend it all day working.

Truth be told... these are the same entrepreneurs who are in the hospital every other week for stress-related illnesses, on their 4th or 5th marriage, or have practically zero relationship with their kids.

Not quite the "entrepreneurial lifestyle" you imagined, huh?

But, entrepreneurship isn't all bad... it can actually be pretty great. It's what has allowed me to make millions of dollars and live the lifestyle that I designed FOR MYSELF.

But it wasn't because of hard work, hustling, productivity...or brushing my teeth in the shower.

It was because I followed this simple system I'm about to show you.

Every guru out there will tell you that you need to hustle to be successful or you need some crazy productivity system to get things done…

Self Management

“If I only had more time, I could accomplish so much more!”
Then why do others accomplish so much more with their time? Because they focus on Revenue-Generating Activities (RGAs). Focus your time on the money making tasks and see how much more you will accomplish with your time!

Building The Life YOU Want

By focusing your time on RGAs, you give yourself the flexibility to build out the life YOU want to live. Schedule in what is most important to YOU. Managing your activities gives you the ability to create the life that YOU want to live.

Business Growth

Once you establish your routine and the activities that are allowing you to build out the life you’ve always wanted, you can take the step to grow your business to the next level!

Entrepreneurs face MANY challenges in today’s ultra-competitive business world. Fortunately, TimeBank GPS has also blessed entrepreneurs with more resources than ever before to tackle those problems.

Timebank GPS is a revolutionary business growth and profit system that helps take the “employeeship” out of Entrepreneurship. In other words, Timebank puts you back in the driver's seat and helps you make more money in less time, with less effort.

Unlike most "Productivity" and "Time Management" programs, Timebank GPS focuses on what matters most for your business - profits.

If You’re One of These 3 Types of People, Timebank GPS Is PERFECT For You:

Person #1

You run a business and you are working a LOT but aren’t making anywhere near the money you want...

Person #2

Your income has plateaued for whatever reason and you can’t seem to break through the financial “glass ceiling”...

Person #3

You’re just getting started in your business and want to “start the right way” before you create a business that runs your life…

A Scientifically-Proven, 15-Minute Daily Routine To Actually 3X Your Business In 90 Days (Or Less)

Is Timebank For You?

Timebank GPS isn’t for everyone. Personally, I would rather work with a small group of hard-working action takers than a bunch of people on the lookout for a “magic button” that will make them instantly successful.

So how do you know if it’s right for you?...

Timebank Is NOT For You If…

  • You’re looking for a “magical success button” that will instantly bring a million dollars…without putting in the work (spoiler alert: that button doesn’t exist). Yes, Timebank will hand you a roadmap that will save you countless hours of trial and error. But you need to be willing to put in the work.
  • You’re not willing to make changes or listen to advice. Timebank GPS is VERY different from most other programs you’ve probably seen before. So it’s important that you come into it with an open mind.
  • You sell or are looking for get-rich-quick schemes. If you’re in that space, stop reading and unsubscribe from my list. I have no interest in helping you.

Timebank Is For You If…

  • You are just starting out and looking for a step-by-step system to speed up your progress and get your business started the right way.
  • You are a new entrepreneur with a great idea / concept but are struggling to create a sustainable income.
  • You've been in business for a while, but your income has plateaued and no matter what you try, you can't seem to break through that "financial glass ceiling"
  • You’re someone with a “bias towards action” and implement what you learn.
  • You understand that, while results can certainly come fast, creating a growing, successful course business takes work.


Our Motto: What you DO, dictates your REVENUE. 
The only difference between the entrepreneur who earns $60,000 per year vs the one who earns $600,000 per year vs the one who earns $6 million per year simply boils down to where their time is spent.

- Antonio Thornton "The Profit Engineer"

Why It Works?

Productivity Sucks… because you can't take productivity to the bank. Unlike most "Productivity" and "Time Management" programs, Timebank GPS focuses on what matters most for your business - profits.

Doing more of the wrong things (even being really efficient at them) will still yield the wrong results. Timebank gets your business on track to bring in the income that you desire.



Antonio’s TimeBank Growth and Profit System (GPS) is a powerful system that has developed and evolved over the last 15 years. TimeBank GPS uses science and practical psychology to “force” you to grow your business through a host of methodologies. It has transformed the lives of thousands of business professionals, including Ron Douglas, Carlton Brown, and Randy Fry, to 3X (or MORE) their income in 90 days by only working ⅓ the time.


Antonio’s expertise in direct response marketing has earned him national accolades and the respect of successful marketers around the world. He's worked on projects with Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Microsoft, Georgia Pacific, and Massage Envy and has helped thousands of small business owners dramatically increase their sales and profits.


Antonio’s Timebank Growth and Profit System (GPS) was developed and evolved over the past 15 years into a powerful system that has transformed the businesses and lives of his top consulting clients. Timebank GPS uses science and practical psychology to “force” you to grow your business through a host of methodologies.

Benefits To Using TimeBank GPS

  • Enjoying the benefits of passive income and business growth while spending precious time with loved ones, doing the things that mean the most to YOU
  • Building the life that YOU have always dreamed of - time to learn an instrument, travel, get a massage, reach that workout goal - you name it
  • Having the confidence to know that you are doing what you love, living a fulfilling life, AND being taken care of financially

We have helped thousands of coaches, small business owners, and entrepreneurs dramatically increase their sales and profits

The #1 Time And Profit Management System For Entrepreneurs

Get ready for tripling your revenue working ⅓ of the time!

Timebank GPS is my step-by-step system for creating the life you want and building your business that supports that life.

Each week you’ll get video lessons, accompanied by worksheets, audio transcripts, and other step-by-step instructions that show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

In short: when you invest in Timebank GPS, you get access to a system that shows you literally everything you need to know.

To create the material in Timebank GPS, I broke down every single step my team and I use for making entrepreneurs be more productive, outlining modules, writing outlines, creating lessons, designing sales pages, and more.

And finally, I pulled together what worked, and distilled it all into a repeatable, step-by-step blueprint.

Let me walk you through everything you’ll learn inside the core Timebank GPS training…

You will learn how to 10X your business in 10 months or 3X your business in 3 months, guaranteed.


Welcome to Timebank GPS (Growth And Profit System)

  • Feeling like you don't have enough time in the day? learn how to take back control of your time
  • Discover the ways you can increase profits for your business 3x in 3 months
  • Welcome to your future. now is when you take the first step in taking charge of the life you want to live
  • Create the life you want and build the business that supports that life
  • A simple easy to use system that is guaranteed to get results.
  • 100% success rate with people who simply use the system for just a few short days.
  • Timebank GPS is an evergreen, dynamic, and interactive system that is designed to practically force you to make the changes you want in your life.


The Timebank GPS System

  • Learn the ins and outs of the Timebank System - How it works, what the categories are, and where you need to be focusing your time in order to build the life you’ve always wanted
  • Learn that you don’t have to constantly hustle and maintain a busy schedule in order to live a sustainable life in the manner that you want
  • Timebank GPS has been developed over the past couple of decades alongside PhDs and Harvard MBAs to give you most scientifically-proven success blueprints.
  • We have doubled businesses in a month, we have tripled businesses in three months, and we took a low six-figure business to mid seven-figures in six months.
  • Timebank GPS is based 100% in Science & Psychology.
  • The methods and strategies have been refined and developed with experts in their respective fields and disciplines.
  • Timebank GPS is habit forming, transforming you from who you are right now to who you need to be to create the life that you want.
  • 100% customizable to the life that you want. You can choose the income you want, you can choose the type of lifestyle you want, and you can choose the type of business that you want.
  • Timebank GPS has saved marriages, saved lives, saved relationships, and has transformed lives.
  • A simple system where you just set a timer for every 15 minutes and write down what you’ve done for the past 15 minutes. You will then categorize your activities into 13 categories, to see where your time is going.
  • Timebank GPS Categories: Spiritual/Creation, High-yield revenue generating activities (super productive), Medium-yield revenue generating activities (highly productive), Low-yield revenue generating activities (productive), Personal development (Learning), Business development (Learning), Necessary non-revenue tasks (busy), Personal - entertainment, Relationship - nurturing, Personal time, Travel time, Non-important personal, and wasting time.


Defining Your RGAs and The Timebank GPS 10X Cash Flow Chart

  • It’s no secret that everyone would love to be making more money. It’s also no secret that everyone wishes that they had more time in their day to do the things they want to do. Here we dive into what makes the magic happen: RGAs
  • How to differentiate between the different types of RGAs - some are much more effective and impactful than others. By understanding the difference, you can focus on those activities that will yield the best results
  • More time, more money, and more freedom.
  • Maximize your profits in minimum time.
  • High-Yield Revenue Generating Activities ($1,000/hr+): High Level Delegation (projects), Creating Revenue Generating Systems, List Building, Joint Ventures, and Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Medium-Yield Revenue Generating Activities ($500/hr+): Delegating (outsourcing) Revenue Generating Tasks, Networking, Copywriting, Consulting, and Group Training/Speaking
  • Low-Yield Revenue Generating Activities (<$100/hr): Using Software, Blogging, Writing Articles, Deliverables, and (things that make money but could be delegated)
  • 10X your business in 10 Months or less. With Timebank GPS, create your lifestyle business.
  • Use The Timebank GPS Cash Flow Chart to help you work ON your business rather than IN your business.


Lifestyle Design

  • Designing your lifestyle and then building your business around your lifestyle, not the opposite way around.
  • Use the Ideal Lifestyle (desired lifestyle) spreadsheet to start designing the exact life you want for yourself.
  • Avoid burning out and avoid hating what you do by designing your business into your life.
  • Our system will help you transform or mold the way that you build your business for years to come.
  • In this module, we will look at the numbers to make sure you are designing the life and business that you really want.

Every moment you delay in implementing these systems could cost you tens of thousands of dollars of unrecoverable revenue for years to come.

3 Advance Bonus Resources

Power Profit Processes Program
“VALUE: $997”

  • Get rid of the stuff you hate
  • Create passive profit streams
  • Create a well-oiled machine

This program will help you get rid of stuff that doesn’t matter to help take some of the pressure off of you. It will also help you to create passive profit streams that make you money whether you are working or not. On top of that, it will also show you how to create a business that operates like a well-oiled machine and will run 24/7.. To sum it all up with this program you are going to…

Business Automation Blueprint
“VALUE: $997”

  • Discover what automation really is and how it will apply to your business
  • Learn where automation really matters
  • What the “Belt and Suspenders” theory is and how to use it.

How do you work smarter, not harder, when it comes to your business?
Business Automation Blueprint is guaranteed to help you do that. It is a proven and simple system used to automate many parts of your daily business routines. It will also help free up your time and help you grow your business in the long run. It is so simple that even a beginner could use it! With this program you are going to…

How to Hire Your Rock Star VA (Virtual Assistant)
“VALUE: $797”

  • Find the good VA hiding spots
  • Know the “money” tasks to give to your VA to get the most
  • Scripts and Job descriptions to attract the right kind of people

Hiring a VA can be a game changer. That’s why it is important to find the right one. In this program, you will learn where to find good VA and how to identify all the “right” tasks to give your VA in order to maximize your investment. You will also be given scripts and job descriptions that will help attract the right people and send the wrong ones running. To sum it all up…

Now it’s your turn to get results…
Are YOU Ready to increase your profits and have financial freedom?

So How Much Is It?

You’ve seen those other profitability systems and “solutions” that cost $12,000, $12,791, or even $14,791. So you’re probably thinking that you’re going to have to invest at least $12,000 to just get access to TimeBank...

Tell you what, it’s worth twice the price as those other profitability alternatives.


Let me remind you: TimeBank GPS is the premier profit maximizing solution for entrepreneurs everywhere. It quickly delivers a proven way to focus on the most profitable tasks without ever having to stress or hustle.

And if I'm being totally honest, it's really the only solution.

But here’s the crazy part…

You don’t have to pay $14,791. You don’t have to pay $12,791. You don’t even have to pay $12,000.

Because if you act now, your total investment is just 1 payment of only $1497.

If you resort to doing it your way you’ll be paying at least 5 years of your hard-earned cash (not to mention giving up precious time with your kids, prime traveling time, and running that marathon you’ve always dreamed about)

Isn’t JUST working towards financial freedom alone worth at least 1 payment of only $1497 to you?

Of course it is!

That’s why you need to act NOW before this introductory price disappears.

Go ahead and order TimeBank GPS risk-free right now!

I'm SO confident that Timebank will change your life that I will give you a 200% refund if you don’t increase your Revenue using this system.

Yes, You read that correctly.

And just as my way of saying thank you for trying TimeBank GPS, I will also give you access to our Facebook Group where you can network with others who have experienced the same thing!

I can’t be any more fair than that, so order now…
Order Now to Lock in the Lowest Price

If you act now your total investment is JUST 1 payment of only $1497 – but this special price could end at any time.

Here's to your success!
Antonio Thornton

P.S. Go ahead and look around, because you won’t find a better or more affordable way to effortlessly increase profits and that’s a promise. So order risk-free right now – because you too can increase your profits as you [ verb ] [ your secondary goal ]!

Still don’t believe me?

Here's What Timebank Clients Are Saying...

We have helped thousands of small business owners dramatically increase their sales and profits. Every moment you delay in implementing these systems could cost you tens of thousands of dollars of unrecoverable revenue for years to come.

Maya Specter

CEO, Net Advisory Group

"This guy is really good at what he does. After working with Antonio on a few projects, I increased revenue by 256% in 90 days."

Randy Fry

CEO, Trial Lawyer

"They created an action plan which has more than doubled the business and profits that I had hoped for."

Carlton Brown

CEO, Occasional Occasions

"I just got off the phone with my accountant and you know what he told me? I tripled my business since last year!"

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